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Strata Apparment
May 24
Navigating the Rules and Regulations of Strata Painting in Melbourne
Apartment living is incredibly important to the Melbourne lifestyle. While blocks of apartments and units are synonymous with the inner city suburbs, more and more strata estates are also popping up in suburbs across the city.  While higher-density residences offer many benefits, there is also much to consider for body corporate organisations and homeowners. This brings us to today’s topic; how to navigate the rules and regulations of strata painting in Victoria. From revamping worn-out surfaces to reaching compliance with regulations, strata painting plays a vital role in preserving the quality and longevity of shared spaces. Throughout this article, we’re going to explore the key rules you need to know, and how to go about arranging strata real estate painting services.

What is a Strata Estate Arrangement?

  In Victoria, a strata estate arrangement, also known as a strata title, is a legal system that divides ownership of property into individual units while also sharing ownership of common areas.  This is commonly found in multi-unit residential buildings, such as apartments or townhouses, where each unit owner has exclusive ownership of their individual unit, while also holding a share of the common property (e.g. hallways, parking lots, gardens, and other amenities). Under this arrangement, owners are typically members of a body corporate or owners corporation, which is responsible for managing and maintaining the common property. The body corporate is led by an independent party, and sets rules and regulations governing the use of common areas and resolves disputes among unit owners.  In addition, individual owners pay regular fees, often called strata levies or contributions, to cover the costs of maintaining and repairing common property. Overall, this provides a framework for collective decision-making and helps to ensure that any shared facilities are well-maintained and any issues are dealt with.   Modern Appartments

What Can an Owner's Corporation Make Rules About?

As outlined by Consumer Affairs Victoria, an owner's corporation can make rules about a wide range of different matters. Some of the most relevant to this conservation include the right to govern the:
  • Use of common property
  • Use of, and works to, lots
  • Design of lots
Let’s break down the specifics .now For use of common property concerns, owner’s corporations can make decisions around the design, construction, appearance and landscaping of common property. In terms of the use of, and works to, lots, the owner’s corp can organise “renovations or alterations affecting the external appearance of a lot, to: 
  1. protect the quiet enjoyment of all other lots and the common property during those works
  2. protect the structural integrity of any building on the plan of subdivision from those works
  3. ensure the market value of any other lot does not decrease as a result of those works.”
For matters concerning the design of lots, an owner’s corp also has the power to place “restrictions on colour, painting or finish of lot exteriors.”  These regulations also require owners to receive written approval to carry out works to the building structure or the building exterior (which many strata painting projects will cover).

Key Steps to Arrange Strata Real Estate Painting

  Strata real estate painting isn’t as simple as residential or commercial painting works. In fact, each project must pass a series of steps to guarantee that all parties are satisfied with the final result. Let’s cover these steps right now.

Determine the Scope

  The first step in arranging strata real estate painting is to determine the scope of the project. This involves assessing the entire strata property to identify areas that require painting, considering factors such as building size, condition of surfaces, and specific painting requirements.  A block’s current state also plays a major role. For older blocks, such as those built in the 50s and 60s, restoration works may be required before any painting can be planned or executed.  Once the scope of the project is determined, the next step is to engage stakeholders involved in the strata property, including owners, residents, and strata management. Effective communication with all parties is essential to address any concerns, gather input on colour preferences or special requirements, and ensure everyone is informed about the upcoming painting works.

Organising a Site Inspection

  The owners' corporation is ultimately responsible for contacting painters who can carry out an on-site inspection and supply a quote. They may delegate this task to the strata committee or strata manager, who can find a painter, schedule the work, and act as the project intermediary. All owners must collectively agree on any changes to the initial painting plan before work begins. Major paint jobs should also be funded through the strata capital works fund, while smaller touch-up jobs can be covered by the administrative fund. If there are insufficient funds, the total cost can be split evenly among lot owners.

Getting a Quote/Quotes

  There are several key steps that need to be followed to organise strata painting projects. One of the most important is to arrange a site inspection from one or multiple strata painting companies. Here, you should receive detailed quotes that outline how much the project will cost. Remember, finances can be a major sticking point for owners within the block. This is why we recommend getting multiple quotes so that all parties can evaluate the projected costs and make a clear decision. We should also note that strata painting doesn’t have to be completed in one go. In fact, body corporates may agree and plan to get the project completed in various different phases. This gradual approach can accommodate for owner’s corps that have less funds available, or don’t require urgent works to occur.  Need a quote? Our strata painters in Melbourne are experienced, detail-oriented, and ready for any challenge. Reach out to us now to organise a site inspection at your strata property.

Obtaining Approval

  Once a quote/quotes are ready, they can then be presented at the next body corporate meeting. In order for funds to be allocated, the works must first be officially approved by the strata committee and owners corporation. The number of shareholders required may differ from one apartment block to another, but generally, a majority must agree and sign off on the painting works.  In summary, external painting or changes to the overall colour scheme must be approved first, considering any specific by-laws and regulations for the strata scheme. It’s also worth noting that if the proposed works only affect a subsection of the entire block (such as apartment 1 and 2), payments may be weighted to ensure that the majority of the total amount is paid by the owners of apartment 1 and 2.   Standing Lift For Painting Strata Appartments

Selecting the Right Painter

  If you’ve obtained quotes from two or three different painters or painting companies, the next step is to settle on one of these companies. Other than cost, you can consider factors such as communication skills, positive reviews, experience in the strata industry, accreditations, licences, insurance, and recommendations from industry associations.  Remember, not every project will be the same. Common challenges can include everything from access issues to logistical issues, structural issues, safety issues, and buildings that have different materials (e.g. concrete vs timber). As a result, the painting company must have the necessary experience and equipment to complete it, even in the face of challenging circumstances.  Does the building require restoration work? If so, you’ll need to hire a company that offers this as a part of their start real estate painting services.

Minimising Disruption to Residents

  Strata painters in Melbourne can work on everything from external and internal walls, doors, windows, ceilings, cornices, structural elements, shared facilities, fencing, and specialised surfaces. Painting common property areas can cause inconvenience to owners and tenants. To minimise disruption, provide advance notice through communal notice boards, emails, letters, and any other means that may be applicable. Here, you can let everyone know the timeline from the outset.

Finalising a Time Frame

  As we noted earlier, these works may also only affect certain sections and residents of the apartment block, and can occur in various phases. Regardless, it’s still important to get everyone updated and informed of the project timeline.  Regular updates should be provided to residents throughout the project, keeping them informed of progress and addressing any concerns or questions they may have along the way. By effectively determining and communicating the timeframe for strata painting projects, it's possible to minimise disruptions.   Resolute Group Painters  

Resolute Group - Your Trusted Strata Painters in Melbourne

  Decided to go ahead with strata painting works? You’re in great hands with our qualified team. As trusted strata painters in Melbourne, you can turn to us for:
  • Experienced strata painters
  • Competitive pricing
  • High-quality services 
  • State-of-the-art equipment and products
  • Guaranteed longevity and durability for paint jobs
  • Painting solutions that exceed expectations
  • Projects completed on time and on budget
Reach out to us now to organise a site inspection!     Read More read more
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