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Does your school need new paint for its hallways or classrooms? As School Painters in Melbourne, we can make your institution look brand new to potential students.
We’ve handled various projects, providing much-needed vibrant and inviting atmospheres to different educational facilities in Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, and West Melbourne. Whether your aim is fencing and gate painting, playground equipment painting or school signage painting, we have everything you need to start.
After all, we care about the look of your school!
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If you’re looking for the best team of professionals to handle your industrial or commercial painting in Melbourne and across Victoria, get in touch with RESOLUTE Painting & Projects. We offer affordable contracts and exceptional results for every job.

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Are you committed to delivering school painting projects that enhance the learning environment?
We are ready to undertake a wide range of painting projects, involving both interior and exterior areas of a school. Our services extend to classroom painting, hallway and corridor painting, gymnasium painting, and more.
Added to that, our experience in auditorium and assembly hall painting, office and administrative area painting, and cafeteria and kitchen painting sets us apart.
With our expertise, we achieve an inspirational and welcoming environment for both staff and students.

Exterior School Painting Services in Melbourne

If you want a good first impression for visitors, students, and staff members, the exterior should look inviting!
At RESOLUTE Painting & Projects, our painters provide exterior walls and façade painting, or outdoor sports courts and field markings.
We approach each exterior painting project with precision and attention to detail. Our team also undertakes school signage and logo painting, bringing your school pride to life with care and creativity.

Comprehensive School Painting Services

RESOLUTE Painting & Projects Commercial School Painters Melbourne also provides a comprehensive painting service. This service is customisable to suit the requirements of different schools within the Melbourne area. Besides classrooms and administrative offices, our painting professionals can enliven cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums, and other school areas.
The execution of every paint job is done with a sharp focus on achieving exceptional appeal and sustainability. Moreover, we take account of the specific needs of each space and choose the right colours and paint type to match its function.

Why Choose RESOLUTE Painting & Projects for School Painters in Melbourne?

Why are out of school painters the right choice for your school painting project? There are many reason to choose us:
  • Quality Paints: We work with paint brands to ensure a durable and excellent finishing.
  • Experienced Painters: Our team brings a wealth of experience in handling diverse school painting projects.
  • Timely Project Delivery: We commit to project timelines strictly and prompt execution without compromising on quality.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our pricing is affordable and competitive without compromising on the quality of work.
  • Customer-Centric: We listen to our clients’ needs and deliver painting solutions that exceed school expectations.
Get in touch with us on 1300 366 544 to discuss a survey, inspection, or competitive quote for your school. Our dedicated and experienced team of School Painters in Melbourne is ready to help transform your educational institution into an inspiring learning environment.
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Frequently Asked Questions About School Painters in Melbourne

What types of school painting services does RESOLUTE Painting & Projects provide in Melbourne?

As experienced School Painters in Melbourne, we offer a range of painting services for various areas of a school. These include interior and exterior painting, classroom, corridor, gymnasium, auditorium, office, cafeteria and kitchen painting. We also specialise in painting exterior walls and façades, playground equipment, fences, gates, and outdoor sports courts.

How does RESOLUTE Painting & Projects ensure quality school painting services in Melbourne?

As Commercial Painters for Schools, RESOLUTE Painting & Projects uses high-quality, top-tier paint brands to ensure a durable and excellent finish. With a wealth of experience in delivering school painting projects, we ensure timely project delivery and offer competitive pricing.

Are RESOLUTE Painting & Projects services customizable to different school needs in Melbourne?

Yes, we at RESOLUTE Painting & Projects pride ourselves in delivering painting services tailored to the unique needs of each school in Melbourne.

Why should I choose RESOLUTE Painting & Projects for my school painting in Melbourne?

RESOLUTE Painting & Projects stands out as the preferred choice for many schools in Melbourne because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We listen to our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations through our quality school painting services. Also, we guarantee timely project delivery and competitive pricing.

How can I get in touch with RESOLUTE Painting & Projects, the professional School Painters in Melbourne?

You can reach out to us by calling 1300 366 544. Our dedicated team of School Painters in Melbourne is always ready to discuss your painting needs and to help transform your educational institution into an inspiring, vibrant learning environment.

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