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Whether you need interior painting, pre-paint repairs, maintenance, or minor building works, we As experienced professionals, our team at RESOLUTE Painting & Projects are well-acquainted with the details of painting strata properties.
With nearly 50 years of industry experience, we support many types of strata complexes, from modern high-rise buildings to traditional townhouse complexes.
Our dedicated strata manager liaises with the body corporate, making sure that all needs and requirements are met while eliminating the need for you to coordinate the project. After all, we care about the look and feel of your property.
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If you’re looking for the best team of professionals to handle your industrial or commercial painting in Melbourne and across Victoria, get in touch with RESOLUTE Painting & Projects. We offer affordable contracts and exceptional results for every job.

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Our team of strata painting contractors are not just seasoned representatives of their trade but are also highly courteous and respectful. We appreciate the importance of maintaining a calm, productive environment in strata complexes and go the extra mile to ensure minimal disruption.
We employ professional painters with proficiency in both interior and exterior painting. Whether you need a complete colour overhaul or minor touch-ups, we cater to all your strata painting needs. Contending with common property spaces such as hallways, staircases, and parking lots, our team can rejuvenate and restore the charm of your strata building.
We also take on a strata painting project and work on the exterior facade, making it visually stunning and weather resilient. We have experience working with varied strata building exteriors and tailoring each project according to the building’s structure and design.

Why Choose RESOLUTE Painting & Projects’ Strata Painters in Melbourne?

At RESOLUTE Painting & Projects, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality work. There are several reasons why we are the preferred choice for strata painting services in and around Melbourne.
  • Expertise: Our team of experienced strata painters are skilled in handling a variety of painting projects for strata buildings and complexes.
  • Affordability: High-quality doesn’t always have to mean high cost. We offer competitive pricing in Melbourne, ensuring you receive an excellent return on your investment.
  • Quality Assurance: We use top-of-the-range products for all our painting services, guaranteeing the longevity and durability of our paint jobs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We make it a point to understand our clients’ needs and deliver painting solutions that exceed expectations.
  • Timeliness: Our team is dedicated to finishing projects within the committed timeline without compromising the quality of work.
Feel free to reach out to us at 1300 366 544 for any enquiries or to set up a consultation.

Tips for Maintaining Your Strata Property’s Paintwork

Protecting your strata building’s paintwork requires regular maintenance and professional advice. Here are a few tips on how you can get started:
  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the exteriors and interiors of your strata property regularly to clear off dust and dirt.
  2. Treat Mould: Ensure to check for and treat any mould on the exterior walls especially after rainfall or damp weather.
  3. Hire Professionals: Engaging professional painters can help proactively address potential issues and provide expert advice on maintaining the paintwork.

Strata Painters Melbourne CBD

We believe in providing our clients in Melbourne with bespoke strata painting services, tailored to suit their individual needs.
For all your strata painting requirements, we are just a call away at 1300 366 544 for a site survey or competitive quote.
We also support your commercial property needs near South Melbourne, West Melbourne, and Collingwood.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Strata Painters in Melbourne

What does the work of Strata Painters Melbourne include?

As Strata Painters in Melbourne, we provide specialised painting services for an extensive array of strata complexes, ranging from modern high-rise buildings to traditional townhouse complexes. We offer both interior and exterior painting services, maintaining the structural integrity of the property while providing an appealing look.

How do Strata Painters Melbourne CBD help with the complexity of strata buildings?

Our team at RESOLUTE Painting & Projects, located in Melbourne CBD, includes expert strata painters who understand the intricacies of painting strata properties. They liaise with the body corporate, meet all needs and requirements, and alleviate the need for you to coordinate the project.

What sets your Strata Painting Services Melbourne apart from others?

Our Strata Painting Services in Melbourne are led by a team of expert and courteous contractors who not only deliver high-quality work but also contribute to a calm, productive environment in the strata complexes. We use top-grade products, ensuring durability and longevity of our paint jobs, all while offering competitive pricing.

How can I maintain the paintwork of my strata property in Melbourne?

Regular cleaning of the interiors and exteriors, as well as treating any mould on the exterior walls, can help maintain the paintwork of your strata property in Melbourne. Hiring professional Strata Painters Melbourne CBD like RESOLUTE Painting & Projects can provide expert advice and proactive solutions to potential issues.

How can I reach out to RESOLUTE Painting & Projects for Strata Painting Services in Melbourne?

You can contact us at 1300 366 544 for any enquiries or to set up a consultation. We offer bespoke strata painting services tailored to your individual needs, whether you’re located in Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne, West Melbourne, or Collingwood.

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