Carpet tiles are an excellent alternative to traditional broadloom carpet and fast to install. They offer superior maintenance qualities for high traffic areas, and where spills or damage are more likely to occur – making them the perfect choice for commercial applications.

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If you have an old concrete floor and looking for a cost-effective solution to clean it up, consider an epoxy coating system. This is a quick method to enhance the appearance of concrete floors or where a clean and durable finish is required.

Specialist diamond grinding equipment will remove old coatings or be use to prepare the surface of an unpainted concrete slab before the application of a high-build epoxy coating system. Depending on the environment and use of the floor, the site-specific specification may include a final polyurethane coating to provide added UV and dirt resistance.

In order to provide an accurate quotation and fit-for-purpose specification, a site inspection is essential – contact us today to organise a quote.

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