Preventative maintenance & repainting

- June 2019

Spend A Little To Save A Lot

Don’t let it get to this. SPEND a little to SAVE a lot. A property’s exterior paint coating is not only for the colour and appearance but it is also a barrier against rot, rust and other surface deterioration.

A sound paint film will prevent rotten timber and rusting steel which are expensive issues to fix, sometimes costing 4-5 times that of repainting works

Where a paint coating has been poorly maintained it will begin to breakdown, exposing the underlying surface – typically timber or steel – and allow water, salts, dirt and other contaminants to build up. Exposed substrates that are not cleaned and coated to reform a sound paint film will continue to breakdown and likely lead to costly building repairs.

Avoid this situation by:

  • INSPECTING painted surfaces and looking for signs of chalking, flaking, paint film breakdown, surface rust etc.
  • COMPLETING sectional paint repairs and preventative maintenance.
  • ENGAGING a reputable and experienced painter to provide professional advice and a quote for repainting.
  • ENSURING premium paint products are specified by a trusted manufacturer.

Spend a little to save a lot
Broken Wall
Spend a little to save a lot
Spend a little to save a lot
Spend a little to save a lot

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